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Cauliflower purchase:

Cauliflower is a vegetable, from the group of White cabbages.

Cauliflower freshness:

It is known in its hard and tight texture, white flower cream (no brown or yellow spots), characteristic odor. When you go to buy the product in the supermarket, we recommend:

  • Observe that the display site is clean and adequately refrigerated.
  • Choose the products, preferably in this order: vegetables, fruits, eggs, cheeses and dairy in general, after the products of pantry, but before the meats, poultry, fish and shellfish.
  • When you reach your destination refrigerate, so that the “cold chain” of the same is not interrupted.


Cauliflower should always be softened because it is very hard.

  • Steamed for salads, creams and soups, and vegetables au gratin (with cheese).
  • Sautéed in wok (deep skillet and large), for “Oriental vegetables”.
  • It is also prepared cooked with sauces and empanadas or cakes, among others.

Cauliflower storage:

-The raw and whole cauliflower is stored in the refrigerator in the lower part of the refrigerator or in the crisper. Inside a plastic bag, with absorbent paper (dry) inside. -or split into portions of snack, cook, cool and refrigerate inside glass or plastic container with lid. -also after cooking and cooling, it can be frozen (for soups, creams or gratins) in sealed plastic bag or plastic container.

Cauliflower Duration:

Refrigerated, raw and whole, 8-15 days approx. Cooked refrigerated 2-6 days approx. Frozen cooked and packaged in plastic bag, approximately 20 days. -its duration also depends on the freshness at the time of its purchase and its subsequent storage and conservation.


Refrigerate or freeze according to the case.


 8-15 days. of 2-6 days. 20 days depending on the case.


  • It is suggested before cooking to soak the cauliflower in water with vinegar to get the worms out of the stems, if you have them.
  • For cooking the cauliflower should preferably be steamed, on metal grid or bamboo kettle, so that it does not touch boiling water and lose nutrients. It is sprayed with salt before cooking.
  • If you do not have the means to cook steam, put it in little water with salt to boiling point (boiling) and cover, lower the heat and cook until they acquire a crispy texture.
  • It can also be skipped in small pieces in a low-fat wok (oriental type vegetables).

Nutrients and properties:

Cabbages in general are a group of vegetables inside which is the broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, which are characterized by low-calorie foods, lots of fiber and water, so they are appropriate for diets Slimming. -they are of the vegetables that contain more proteins. -Great source of vitamins and minerals important to the health of the organism. -Among them, vitamin C (antioxidant), present in quantities higher than those presented by Orange, carotene, and vitamins of the B complex, being one of these folic acid. (See benefits of nutrients in vegetables.) Note:

  • Do not freeze raw.
  • You can only freeze cooked, if you are going to use it for creams or sauces, because it changes its texture and flavor.
  • Periodically check the status of the product in order to consume it in time.

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