JUNCA Onion Purchase of Scallion: The long onion (Junca or green), is white and slender stem, dark green and intense leaves. Scallion Freshness: It is noticeable in the stiffness and…

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Purchase: The PIMENTO, is a fruit vegetable because it has seeds inside. Its colors are varied: there are red, red, green, yellow wine. They taste a little sweet. It is…

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Purchase: The ZUCCHINI or zucchini, is a fruit vegetable, similar to cucumber but a little smaller and thinner. It is used a lot in the Oriental kitchen. Freshness: It looks…

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Zucchini or courgette sliced isolated on white, clipping path included


Purchase: Tomato or tomatoes is a fruit vegetable, because they have seeds inside. There are various sizes and their shape can be round or elongated. Freshness: It can be seen…

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Purchase: The cob (corn) is corn when it is tender and on its cob. It's a cereal. Freshness: It is observed in its soft grains, of cream color, firm leaves…

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Sweet potato

Purchase: Sweet potato or potato, it's a tuber. There is a great variety of sweet potatoes, of different texture (ranging from soft to rough), also different color (red or pink…

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Purchase: Offering a tasty, fresh and crisp flavor to each bite, the radishes have a special place in the heart of the lovers of vegetables. A root of the Brassicaceae…

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Purchase: Turnip is a root vegetable. There are several classes, there are round, cylindrical, flattened. Your skin should be smooth and shiny, it may be white, or purple at the…

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