The OYSTERs occupy a highest place within the shellfish and a fine entrance.

There are two categories: Portuguese, irregular shell and flattened or smooth.

Of the latter there are three kinds: arcachon, of white meat. Belón, a little pink meat. Rerennes, light green meat.


The purchase or achievement of oysters must be made in stores of confidence and know certain important guidelines to preserve them and thus guarantee their freshness, mainly due to that they can eat raw.

  • They can be obtained alive, they must be closed and they must resist when they are going to open, that is to say they retract. Its smell must be fresh to sea. His flesh must be firm and his liquid clear. These are the characteristics that ensure their freshness. They should be consumed as soon as possible.
  • They also sell them chipped, they last less than with shells.
  • Another option is frozen. These should not come with the shell and much less open.


Oysters can be eaten raw with lemon. They can also be cooked as a starter, appetizer or garnish. Breaded or in sauces.

Raw oysters are served on crushed ice and with lemon hulls and accompanied by slices of bread and chutneys or vinaigrettes.

When you go to buy frozen seafood you should consider: 

  • Observe the expiration or expiration date of the product. Choose the most distant fulfillment. That the date is not clogged or retreaded is to say that it is not altered.
  • Note that the packaging and labels are in perfect condition, not broken or in bad condition.
  • Choose the seafood at the end in the supermarket, not to interrupt “the cold chain” of them.
  • Check that they are well frozen and that the package does not have frost, because there you see that they have already been partially thawed.


The live ones should be kept at low temperatures between 2-4 degrees C. of 1-3 days. If you’re younger, you can die.

Store in open container so they can breathe and with the concave side down.

Do not leave them in fresh water because they die.

If you are going to pick them up, make them in safe waters and refrigerate them maximum within the next few hours.

Discard the oysters that have strong odor and those that are open contain bacteria. The ones that don’t retract because any of the three are dead. Also by hitting them they sound different from the others.

The flakes must be placed in the refrigerator, between 1-2 degrees C. For 4-5 days.

In airtight container and if you buy them in containers, they can be stored in the container until the expiration date printed on this.

You can freeze the flakes and never the shells and less the dead.

Thaw at night in the refrigerator. Never at room temperature.


Freeze.          Cool.


2 months approx.   2-4 days approx.

Note: Always handle shellfish or any food, with clean hands or disposable gloves and those that have already been cooked, with clean utensils.