CANNed Foods are the food we can get in the market that come in cans. There are also PACKAGING, in glass or plastic and tetra-pack. These can be: meats, fruits, vegetables, grains, candies, processed foods in general. Also products that come in cans or plastic packaging such as: milk powder, milkshakes powder (flavors), powdered or granulated products such as coffee, tea and beverages in general. Sauces: tomato, mayonnaise, mustard, meat, salad dressings, among others. Pickles, jams, pasteurized juices and nectars and vegetable oils, among others.

Purchase of canned foods:

When we go to the market to acquire this kind of food, we must take into account,

  • Expiration or expiration date. Observe that it is not altered, overtreaded or covered (hidden). Choose the ones of the most recent or distant date to be fulfilled, in order to count with as much time as possible for their consumption.
  • State of the can. That this does not have blows or dents, that is not blown (high probability of content in bad condition). It’s not rusty.
  • Containers whether in glass, plastic, or Tetra pack, which are not broken, cracked, damaged or dirty. The lid should not be blown or opened. Like the packaging in Tetra pack, they are not badly treated or blown.
  • Labels, which are not broken or wrinkled, let alone with pale or faded colors and that their letters are not blurred or wet.
  • The contents in the glass containers must be, of the characteristic color and its crystalline liquid medium, not turbid.


According to each product and its instruction in the packaging.

Storage of canned foods:

Food products packed, canned and canned in general, can be kept at room temperature in cool and dry places, where they do not give them the sun directly, and if they have not been opened for the first time.

Before uncovering them it is advisable to clean them with a paper cloth to remove any dirt (dust).

Once uncovered, they must be refrigerated in their packaging, if they are not cans.

If canned, the contents should be removed from the can and consumed at once, or if there is any leftovers placed in a glass or plastic container with lid and refrigerate. Consume it as soon as possible.

Those who have the sign that says: “Keep refrigerated after open”, such as juices, nectars, should not be exposed to heat, or consumed directly from the container, if not personal or individual packaging. Cover well after use.

Sauces, salad dressings, pickles and jams, do not expose them to heat or use dirty utensils. Cover well after use.

Powdered products should not be served with a wet spoon because it damages their texture by becoming earthy and changing its flavor. Let alone introduce a spoon with which we have tasted the food, because the enzyme that is in the saliva, deteriorates the product powder.

Its duration also depends on the expiration date of the product and its proper storage and conservation.

Conservation of canned foods:

Cool. Temp. Environment.


Expiration date.


Always handle with clean hands and utensils.

Never put in the containers of the products, spoons or knives smeared with other foods or wet and less with which the food has been tested, because it breaks down, because of the above in the saliva (Ptialina) which is the one that helps to degrade the food. This topic I will develop in later publications.