What are the Species?:

SPICES or CONDIMENTs are aromas of vegetal origin used to preserve and enhance the flavor of some foods and give flavor to others that are nutritious but tasteless and so we can change our menus with variety and new flavors.

Some of these are: cinnamon, cloves, anise, vanilla, chili, achiote, nutmeg, turmeric, mustard, pepper, saffron, among many others.

They are usually seeds and crusts of some aromatic plants. Also some fragrant herbs.

They are native to Asia, India, the Moluccas Islands (Indonesia) or the Spices Islands. Of Europe the Mediterranean and also of America.

Thanks to THEM, some nutritious foods that are not tasty can improve their flavor, without altering their properties. The secret is to use the appropriate amount of spices, because the excess produces an opposite effect and brings an unpleasant taste.


You can see it in its aroma and color. An old or past species, it lacks odor and its color is diminished.

When you go to buy spices or condiments you have to observe:

  • Strong and characteristic Aroma of each species and that the color is intense and the one that belongs to each spices.
  • Packaging and labels, which are in good condition, without wrinkles or mistreatment.
  • Expiration date and packing.


To preserve, season, give aroma, color and enhance the flavor of all kinds of foods.

Storage of Spices:

At room temperature in cool and dry place and in containers or condimenters well covered.


Temp. Environment.


To exhausting existence.


Do not place near moisture like water vapor.

Keep Well covered. They should always be used sparingly and cautiously, as many of them may be toxic if used in large quantities and produce bad taste.