Nuts, they usually call nuts and DRIED fruits, but really.

DRIED FRUITS are NUTS, because they are in nature, with only 50% of water, as:

Almonds, hazelnuts, Brazil nut, sunflower seeds, flaxseed, sesame, macadamia, peanuts, cashews, pistachios, blonde grapes, etc.

The dehydrated FRUITS, are subjected to the process of extraction of water that contain naturally (it intervenes the hand of the man), as they are all the fruits “raisins” plum, grape, or simply dehydrated, like tomato, banana, strawberry, apple, cherry, blueberry , among others.


In the nuts or nuts it is noticeable its freshness, in its characteristic aroma (that does not smell of fat) and that they are crispy, not soft or hard.

Raisins, such as plums and grapes, must have a fluffy (soft), shiny, and sweet texture. The oldest, they are hard, opaque and less sweet. Candied or sweetened dried fruits have a harder texture.

Dehydrated fruits such as strawberries, banana, kiwi, Apple, among others, as they are aged soften and change flavor, which is why you have to take care that they remain well covered.

There is also a wide variety of dry chili peppers before consuming them are hydrated.

Seeds such as: chia, sesame, sunflower, among others, should be loose and dry and must be kept well covered.


Mixed raisins or nuts, like raisins, with ice cream, in general confectionery and for decorating dishes. The seeds for salads of both fruits and vegetables and decorate dishes.


They are stored at room temperature, in a cool place, dry and well covered, because they absorb strong flavors and aromas of other foods and also moisture, thus altering their texture and flavor.

Its duration depends on the point at which it was purchased and its subsequent storage and conservation.


Temp. Environment.


To exhausting existence.


Store in a dry place and well covered.

Remember that AIR is the worst enemy of food preservation because it transports microorganisms and changes its texture and flavor.

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