Pig Pork

The Pig Pork is one of the dishes for these more traditional festivals in Colombia, along with Turkey, AJIACO or tamales. It is served as main dish and with garnishes like potatoes or “rice verde”y salads of vegetables and/or fruits. It is usually prepared baked and accompanied by different garnishes and salads, according to the region. In Colombia for the end of the year menu It is also traditional to include the custard with fritters or the “Christmas Sweet” (Brevas, lemon peels and chunks of almojabana, in molasses with cinnamon). The PERNIL also can be used after in sandwish (sandwiches) or other preparations.

When you go to buy the Pig Pork:

-it has to be done in a reliable place where they guarantee the quality of the product. If it is to be purchased at the supermarket, buy it at the end of the market so that there is not much time outside the refrigerator (maximum 30 minutes) and so do not interrupt “the cold chain of the product”, as the pork is a very delicate meat. (See other guidelines for purchase in this section of Meat’s a B C).


-Whole (fresh): with or without bone. It is appreciated in the firm texture of its meat, well adhered to the bone (if it brings it), rosé color, fresh smell, not stale, fat of non-yellow white color.

-Whole frozen: Check that the piece is completely hard, well frozen.

-portioning: In the meat stores, can be bought by pounds and block, ie whole not in portions or cuts (Milanese) very practical if few diners. Approximately 150-200 Gr. per person (for a meal), as the boneless meat is reduced a little.


The ingredients for this recipe in TIPS of this same product. Refrigerate or freeze the Pernil as the case may be, as soon as you get home.

When you get home refrigerate or freeze immediately as the case may be. If it is fresh (thawed) and will be prepared soon (3 days maximum), season (marinate) and refrigerate. Otherwise freeze up to 3-4 days before you prepare it. For hygiene and sanitation, to avoid contamination and possible poisoning, wash your hands thoroughly and/or wear gloves before you begin to handle meat.

To defrost the PERNIL.

If it is for the same day or better, for the next day, place the pernil packed in a container with water at room temperature and inside the refrigerator.

The PERNIL takes approximately 30 minutes for (1) pound, to defrost. You may be changing the water so that the defrost is faster.

If it is to prepare later:

• Remove the refrigerator from the freezer 3-4 days before (depending on its weight) to defrost. The entire PERNIL takes to defrost approximately 1 day for every 4-5 lbs. weight.

Remove the gasket and place in a plastic container, wide enough to fit the PERNIL loosely and easily turn over when marinating (marinating or seasoning).

Marinate (season in liquid either in wine or beer) inside the container, cover with film paper (Vinipel) and leave it in the refrigerator (never at room temperature) to defrost before cooking.

Every day should be checked and flipped so that the condiments and liquid medium used for your marinade (wine or beer) are injected everywhere (with a syringe if possible).

Always keep refrigerated until you start cooking. Whatever method you choose to cook it, to know if the cooking of the Pernil is perfect, carving with a fork, if white liquid comes out, but if it leaves pink, complete the cooking because it is still raw, it is detrimental to the health and the meat is damaged (pu DRE). (see recipe and ingredients in the Tips section of this product).


When defrosting the meats, the microorganisms re-activate and can multiply to cause disease, for this reason to defrost inside the refrigerator, never at room temperature.  –Thawing in “microwave oven”, when it is for pounds, take care not to heat the meat, so that the proliferation of bacteria does not begin. -Once thawed, do not re-freeze. Consuming soon. -You can also freeze already cooked, as long as it is not filled, because this usually does not freeze and can contaminate the rest of the meat (“Cross contamination”).

Baked pork PERNIL (recipe step by step).

To marinate or marinate (with liquor) the PERNIL.

Ingredients: 1 PERNIL pork 10-12 pounds.

3-5 tablespoons salt or taste. Minced pepper to taste.

4 tablespoons black or English sauce.

6 Beers (or 1 bottle of wine). 2 bighead onions (large or finely chopped, to taste). 4 long, junca or green onions.

4 cloves of garlic. 10 laurel leaves.

6 sprigs of thyme. 2 sprigs of parsley.

2 tablespoons mustard.

Ingredients for gilding (varnish).

4 grated panel bars or 8 tablespoons brown sugar or 6 tablespoons honey. 3 egg whites. 3 tablespoons oil (olive or vegetable). 1/2 cup wine. or Achiote to taste.


Eight hours. Steps: Marinade for the pernil.

-Finely chop the bighead onion or large chunks, add the oil and garlic cloves previously peeled and macerated.

-Add salt, pepper, laurel, thyme, black or English sauce, parsley (chopped), long onion in large chunks and macerated, especially the green part (leaves) that are the most flavor give and mix everything very well. -Place the PERNIL in a baking dish or a plastic container, if not yet baked. –Rub (smear) with marinade, inside and outside.

To be well seasoned the meat (to chop or to chuse with a fork) or to introduce (to inject) the liquid everywhere, using a syringe.

-Leave the PERNIL well covered inside the refrigerator for 3-4 hours minimum and turn it from time to time (approximately every 20 minutes) just inject. If it’s frozen, remove the freezer 3-4 days before and refrigerate at the bottom of the refrigerator, well covered with aluminum foil or paper film (Vinipel) to soak the aromas and flavors of the marinade, turning it in the morning and night each day and inject With the marinade. Baking.-Preheat the oven to 190 º C. (degrees Centigrade or 350 F).

Three ways to bake.

1-Place the PERNIL on the grate and inside a baking dish.

2-If you do not have this medium, place the marinated turkey on a grate or grill (so that it does not stick to the bottom of the tray and Brown also below) this in turn inside a pan a little deep for oven and is covered with aluminum foil (with the side brightly inward) loose, baggy very well clogged.

3-It can also be placed in a baking bag (floured), with a cup of liquid marinade inside the bag and close very well. Place on a baking sheet. -Place the pernil inside the oven in the intermediate part (electric oven). -Bake for every 1 kilogram of pernil weight, approximately 30-40 minutes. –Check the pernil every hour and bathe it with its juices, if it is not in an oven bag. –When the cooking time is complete, remove the pernil from the oven, uncover (remove the foil). –Check the cooking, carving the pernil deeply. If white juice comes out, it is ready, otherwise it is pink, re-cover and bake until cooking is complete.

Complete the cooking…

-Remove from the oven, remove the liquid that released and strain and remove the grease. For this, the liquid (cold) is placed in a container inside the refrigerator or freezer for 1 hour until the fat setting. This is over, remove it.

Reserve the liquid separately, to make the plum sauces (sweet) and gravy (cleared) or for those who want to prepare, as it enriches its flavor.

To Brown.

Varnish (spread) the PERNIL (everywhere) with the grated panel (or honey of bees) mixed with the 3 egg whites and the 1/2 Cup of wine.  Or with the achiote dissolved in wine. Any of the 2 methods is to give an appetizing golden color. Place back in the oven for 20-30 minutes, until golden. -Remove and let stand (do not cut) for 15-30 minutes (according to their size), so that their fluids are reabsorbed (stabilize) and do not miss the juiciness of their meat.

Prune sauce.

Ingredients. 12-15 prunes without seed (itching). 1 tablespoon sugar. 1/2 cup water or plum juice. 2 tablespoons vinegar (optional). 1 cinnamon chip (optional). 1 pinch of salt. 2 tablespoons cornstarch or cornstarch (if necessary).


-In a pot place 1/2 cup of water or plum juice and let it boil, add the plums, the sugar, the pinch of salt and the 2 tablespoons of vinegar, so that the sauce is sweet and sour.

Cook on low heat for 10-15 minutes. Crush. -then add some of the liquid that was reserved from the cooking of the turkey and adding the cinnamon. -Let it boil all together for 3-5 minutes.

-If you wish you can dissolve the little cornstarch, to thicken the sauce. In the same way it is done with gravy sauce, although the market sells if desired, ready-to-prepare envelopes.

Serve the sauce in a separate bowl (salsa with spoon) to accompany the pernil.

Decoration for the service of the baked PERNIL.

-The Pernil can be placed on a large tray and decorated with green apples, red, grapes of different colors and red fruits.

-or on a bed of lettuce (place the lettuce in a bowl of cold water so that they are erect and beautiful and dry) and cherry tomatoes (whole). -It can also be green herbs (arugula), pineapple slices in syrup and fresh or canned cherries in the center of each pineapple. (see more instructions for baking, in the note section of the baked Turkey for Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas or New Year’s Eve).


After cooking, allow the meat to cool completely if it is to be refrigerated. -periodically check the condition of the product during the time when it is refrigerated adobándose (sazonándose), its conservation, to be able to consume it in time.

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