Liver Conservation

The liver when you get home should be refrigerated immediately. For hygiene, sanitati on and to avoid contamination and possible intoxications, hands should be thoroughly washed and/or gloves placed before beginning to handle meat.

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Purchase: When I went to buy meat, the first thing to consider is the class (s) that family members prefer: red meat (beef, ox, mutton, lamb), white meat (pork, poultry,…

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Pig Pork

[kkstarratings] The Pig Pork is one of the dishes for these more traditional festivals in Colombia, along with Turkey, AJIACO or tamales. It is served as main dish and with garnishes like…

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Purchase: The first thing to keep in mind when going to buy meat for the family, it is the quality and quantity that must be bought according to the number…

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Purchase. The SAUSAGES, are the result of the efforts in the history of the humanity, to conserve the foods, the greater possible time, extending like this its "useful life". They…

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Purchase: Capybara is a mammal animal of South American origin of the Andean region of the countries like Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru. It can weigh up to 1 kg.…

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Bear in mind, how much smaller the pieces of pork are, the faster the deterioration will be. It is necessary to pay special attention to the minced pork, since they…

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