The plum is a drupa (fleshy fruit with a woody seed). It’s the fruit of the plum. There is a wide variety of plums of different colors of skin and pulp according to their class.


It is characterized by its firm texture and soft to the touch (without bruises or blows), have a white matte powder on its smooth skin, which disappears when washed and dried. There are also in syrup, canned. When you go to buy the product in the supermarket, we recommend:

  • Observe that the display site is clean and adequately refrigerated.
  • Choose the products, preferably in this order: vegetables, fruits, eggs, cheeses and dairy in general, after the products of pantry, but before the meats, poultry, fish and shellfish.
  • When you reach your destination refrigerate if they are ripe, to lengthen their “useful life”.

There are also dehydrated (raisins).


Alone, for juices, sauces, dressings, mousse, compotes, jellies, jams, cakes, turnovers (raisins), foot and confectionery in general.


Clean and dry can be stored at room temperature if they are to be consumed soon, otherwise refrigerate (since they mature very fast) in plastic bag with perforations or fruit box. They are also dehydrated (prunes) and are kept at room temperature.


At room temperature, approximately 3-4 days. Refrigerated, 5-8 days approx. Prunes, in a cool and dry place, for months, well covered. Its duration depends also on the freshness at the time of its purchase.


Cool. Temp. Environment. Temp. Environment. Duration: 5-8 days approx.  3-4 days approx. Months.


if they are placed in a fruit bowl, do not expose it to the sun’s rays, so that the ripening of the fruit is not accelerated and its “useful life” is shortened. -It is advisable not to cook the fruit for beverages, since it loses nutrients. -Do not refrigerate until the desired ripening point is reached.

-Never freeze raw.

Nutrients and properties:

(See nutrient content in fruits).


Periodically check the status of the product to be able to consume it in time.