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The lemon is collected when it has a light green color, indicating to color in storage with a 95% relative humidity. This relative humidity should be kept as high as possible, usually between 85 and 95% to avoid water losses that are higher when the environment surrounding the fruit is dry.


Lemon or lime, (citrus). It is of tropical or subtropical origin. Originating in India, Burma and China. There are different kinds and they can be green or yellow.


It is characterized by firm texture, juiciness (that when squeezed slightly yield a little to the touch). Very hard lemons or limes are usually “stunned” (abruptly interrupted their maturation process) are not juicy and have bad taste.  Its color must be the characteristic of each class. Not yellow ones that should be green. Although there are varieties that are yellow crust as mentioned.

When you go to buy the product in the supermarket, we recommend:

  • Observe that the display site is clean and adequately refrigerated.
  • Choose the products, preferably in this order: vegetables, fruits, eggs, cheeses and dairy in general, after the products of pantry, but before the meats, poultry, fish and shellfish.
  • When you reach your destination refrigerate, so that the “cold chain” of the same is not interrupted.


Lemon or lime is used in beverages, desserts, salad dressings, marinades for fish and shellfish, among others. Also for a lot of medicinal uses.


The lemons are placed clean and dry in TRIPLE thick plastic bag (3, one inside the other) and transparent, with kitchen paper inside the bag that is in contact with the lemons.

-Refrigerate in the “fruit drawer” in the refrigerator. Use the softer first. Its duration also depends on the freshness at the time of your purchase. Refrigerated, 1 month or more, following the given tips.




1 month.


Always keep the 3 bags closed so they will have a long “shelf life”.

Nutrients and properties:

-lemon or lime, have high content in vitamin C (antioxidant) helps against aging. -It is one of the most complete nutrient fruits, so much so that it is attributed to avoid and cure various kinds of cancer.

An article recently came out advising to freeze complete lemons (with shell) and grate a little on the food at the time of going to consume them. They give an excellent flavor and contribute among them the aforementioned benefits.

Re-freeze the surplus until it is completely consumed. Note: Periodically check the status of the product to be able to consume it in time.

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