Refrigerator utensils

It is recommended that the refrigerator utensils be different from those used outside of this (kitchen), as are the pots, which because they are metallic and also because they grate the shelves of the refrigerators, both tempered glass, as common, are not recommended For this use. Instead, use plastic or glass containers (with cover), plastic bags and/or kitchen papers (vinyl or film and absorbents). Here are some recommendations: to store raw foods such as vegetables or fruits, plastic containers are ideal because they do not produce so much moisture. They must be of good quality and airtight (do not reuse disposables as they become toxic in time) and glass for processed foods so that they do not alter their flavor and aroma. These should preferably be square or rectangular, for better use of the space inside the refrigerator.

Icpor Tray

Styrofoam trays and FILM or vinyl paper.

They also greatly favor food for storage in the refrigerator, styrofoam or styrofoam trays and film or vinyl paper. Many of them are already packed like this.

Vinyl Packing Machine

Among the most necessary utensils to refrigerate food are: the absorbent paper of kitchen, plastic bags and foil. The paper from the top of the dispenser, from the previous photo, is one of the most used roles for refrigeration conservation, the absorbent paper for cooking.

Plastic boxes for storage in the fridge (freezer or refrigerator).

In the chain stores are achieved transparent white plastic boxes, designed and manufactured especially for refrigerators, either for the freezer or refrigerator, and maximize

Freezer utensils.

For the freezer, it is advisable to use, transparent plastic bags of different sizes and preferably resealable special for this use, although you can also use common bags if it is going to freeze for a short time (1 month). Non-glass plastic containers because they can be broken with low temperatures and in a rectangular or square shape preferably, to make better use of the space inside the freezer. Indelible markers for scoring in each package: Product class, weight and freezing date.

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