Shelves the Pantry



The additional shelves for the pantry, are very practical, because they are superimposed on the initial shelves, thus expanding the space for better use, so there are no products left over others. They are available in chain stores. There are in wood, wicker, melamine or plastic (the latter are also used in the refrigerator or refrigerator). They are boxes or baskets that act as drawers or drawers, where food can be stored neatly. There are also some kind of tables in stainless steel, round, square or rectangular. They are excellent to show the vast majority of products that are stored and also protect them. Also for storing bottles of wine or any other content and those for storing canned beer. In the shop they sell some shelves to place in the doors of the pantries, with baskets at different heights. These are in chrome wire, suitable only for room temperature. For storage of potatoes (potatoes) and mature male bananas, it is convenient to use a wicker basket or stainless steel, where they have proper ventilation. In fact, the pantry must be ventilated and located in a place away from direct sunlight. that way food will be better preserved. Regarding packages such as coffee, pasta, grains, etc., they should be stored in such a way that the first ones that came in go out, to spend the old ones first and leave the last ones that were bought in the pantry.

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