THE DATE OF EXPIRATION OF A FOOD PRODUCT. To protect the health of the CONSUMER, it is required that EVERY FOOD on the market, has printed on its packaging the DATE OF EXPIRATION OR EXPIRATION of the product. This date is relative, since many times it has expired and the product can continue in good condition. Just as there are others in which it has not yet expired and the product may be damaged, due to inadequate storage and conservation.


Before buying a food product in the market should always look at the expiration date, expiration or expiration of this. That the date has not been covered, adulterated and that it is not blurred. The product with the most distant date should be bought as far as possible.

  • That the packaging and label are not in poor condition, punctured, worn, with blurred or over manipulated letters (wrinkled or undone).
  • For those packaged in glass or plastic (pickles, preserves, sweets, meats, etc.), in addition to the expiration date, observe that the container is not broken. That the center of the lid is not blown, because in this it is noticeable that it has already been opened (and air has entered into it) or is damaged (fermented).

The labels must be in good condition, not torn or wrinkled.

  • For canned foods,

In addition to the current expiration or expiration date, canned goods must have their cans, packaging and labels in good condition. That they are not beaten or submerged, perforated or oxidized and much less blown, because this indicates that their content is in decomposition. The codes stamped on these foods are the manufacturer’s codes that designate the date on which the product was packaged. Most manufacturers offer a toll-free number to call if you have questions about canned food due dates. The code printed on the tin is usually when it was packaged. It is recommended that all canned foods be stored at temperatures between 20-24 ° C or less. Food safety is not a problem in the products stored in the pantry for long periods of time. In fact, canned food can have an almost indefinite shelf life at those temperatures.

Other recommendations

Many canned products now have a legend that says “for best quality use by” “For best quality, use until the expiration date printed on the top or bottom of the can. In general, food products have a shelf life of approximately 2 years longer, after the date of packaging or packaging, if they are stored in places with adequate temperatures. Although canned food maintains its safety and nutritional value well beyond 2 years, its color and texture may change a bit. If there is any product inside the pantry, refrigerator or kitchen shelves on or after the expiration date, it must be: -Look if the packaging has any variation such as the one that is blown or damaged. Labels or packaging in bad conditions, or blurry letters, etc. Fragmented product. – You also have to know the quality characteristics of the product, to have the criteria and know if it is in adequate conditions for consumption (organoleptic characteristics) or if it should definitely be discarded. In the US, about 14% of the food purchased each year is wasted. The average American family of four throws around $ 600 worth of food each year.


They are according to ShelfLifeAdvice.com, milk, cottage cheese, mayonnaise, yogurt and eggs, the site offers these explanations that can help:


Unopened, mayonnaise can be kept for 30 days after its expiration date, or 3 – 4 months open and refrigerated.


It can be suitable for consumption after 4-7 days of its expiration date, if it has not been uncovered.


Correctly chilled eggs should last at least 3-5 weeks after the expiration date, according to Professor Joe Regenstein, a food scientist at Cornell University.


The milk will remain safe, nutritious and tasty for about a week after the expiration date if it is refrigerated, although there may be a decrease in the nutritional value and taste.


If it is pasteurized it lasts 10-14 days after the expiation date.

The expiration date refers to:

– The product that has not yet been opened. -A “sell up” … The expiration date printed on the product. If the packaging says: “Use-by” or “best if used-by” date, it means that the “sell until” date is a warning for the product to be removed from exhibition in the market, as it begins to decrease its quality after that date. The “use” or “better if used-for” (then the date) indicates the last day that the product is at its best quality in terms of taste, texture, appearance, smell and nutritional value. The descent is gradual after that.