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POLLACK, is a sea fish or saltwater, similar to cod and measures approximately 75-120 cm., about 10 kg., with brown tones. No Chin. It’s a fish with very little fat. It is of soft and delicate flavor. Excellent source of protein, minerals, vitamins and low calorie.


It can be seen in firm texture, fresh smell to sea, not ammonia. If you have a head, your eyes should be crystalline and bulging, not opaque.

The fish must be bought at the end of the market, so that the “cold chain” of the product is not interrupted and when it reaches its final destination, place it immediately in the refrigerator, either to freeze or to refrigerate if it is going to consume maximum the other day and when possible to marinate.


As a strong dish, grilled, baked with vegetables, breaded and with sauces. Also in Soufflés and Tarts, among others.


Refrigerate immediately when you reach your destination. If it has been purchased frozen, place it in the freezer if it is not going to be consumed in a short time.

Its duration, refrigerated cool, 2 days approximately in the coldest place of the fridge and marinated. Refrigerated cooked, approximately 5 days in the coldest part of the refrigerator.  Frozen, 1 month or more approximately and depending on its freshness at the time of purchase.

Fish or any other meat should be moved from the freezer to the refrigerator to be thawed, never thawed at room temperature.

Fish or any other meat, once thawed, should not be re-frozen as microorganisms have been activated and may become toxic to the organism.


Freeze.                Cool.


1 month aprox.   2-5 days approx., depending on the case.


It is necessary to keep in mind the avoidance of “cross contamination”, that is to say, when storing a cooked steak should not be near one crude.

Fish or any other food should be handled with clean hands and utensils.

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