Duck eggs

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Duck eggs


Duck eggs, (bird eggs). They are bigger than the hen and also with more calories (130), but they are delicious very occasionally for Breakfast. They provide essential nutrients but are very high in cholesterol, which is why they should be consumed sparingly. To keep them in warm weather, they are cooled with the tip down. In cold weather it can be at room temperature and in the same position in cool and dry place, or can also be refrigerated.

Freshness of duck eggs:

When you buy them make sure they are in good condition, without blows and that their shell, is matt, not shiny, since they are usually not fresh. A lower quality egg is a dirty egg with a broken, fragile, rough or deformed shell. The shell must also have no pores because it has been exposed to environmental contamination. If you have cracked shell it is better not to consume it.


For breakfast as main course, as a garnish (accompaniment) among others.

Storing duck eggs:

They can be stored at room temperature (12 °c-18 °c) in cold weather and if possible place them in a container with a bottom adapted with egg cardboard, placing them in a vertical position and with the tip facing Down.

If refrigerated, place in closed egg box, because they absorb odors. Or at the door of the refrigerator, separated from strong smells, thus preserving their freshness better.

It must be remembered that the “useful life” of the product depends on the freshness at the time of its purchase and its subsequent storage and Conservation.


Refrigerated. Temp. Environment.


1 month approx. 10-15 days approximately.


a fresh egg when you leave, you can see the unflattened, yellow-colored, bulging bud with a central Position.

-the clear, Transparent slightly yellow, firm and dense (thick, Viscous) and remains collected. Its smell should be soft and pleasant, to “egg”.

-when It is not fresh the yolk is flattened and the clear, thin and fluid (liquid) and extends into the container. -another way to know the freshness of an egg is placing it in a container with salt water,

if you go to the bottom is fresh and the more float is less fresh, and if it reaches the surface is Damaged.

-a blood point inside the egg is not a problem, it is simply removed with a spoon.

Nutrients and properties:

(see nutrients and properties in the eggs).


fresh eggs are better tasting and healthier. Do not buy dirty eggs and less with excrement, because of the danger of salmonella. Periodically check the status of the product to be able to consume it in time.

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