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milk cream


The milk cream, is the most fat part that contains raw milk (unpasteurized) and is floating on the surface of This. It is separated by a spin process.

freshness of milk cream:

Color goes from white to white cream or Yellowish.

Delicate and delicious flavor, not acid and much less bitter.

Soft texture that goes, from a little liquid to thicker, depending on your percentage of fat.

Delicious Aroma, soft, Fresh dairy (not smell of fermented).

There are several classes according to the percentage of fat that contains the cream and thus its uses:

-the least amount of fat is used to place coffee, soups and Sauces.

-the heaviest (55% fat) are used to make whipped cream (chantilly) for confectionery.

-the very fat for making butter. Its color goes from white to creamy white or yellowish.

Delicate and delicious flavor, not acid and much less bitter. Soft texture that goes, from a little liquid to thicker depending on your percentage of fat.

Delicious Aroma, soft to fresh dairy. In the market we find it in several presentations:

in box, in bag, in cans or in glass.

Whatever your presentation should be kept always refrigerated and after open, well Covered.

The one that comes in can should be placed in another container if it is going to preserve the surplus, because in contact with the air and in the can it becomes grey (it oxidizes) and also changes its texture and flavor. When you go to buy the product at the supermarket you should consider:

  • Observe that the refrigerator where the product is being exhibited is operating properly (which is cooling).
  • Check that the expiration date of the product or expiration of it is not covered, altered, or Retreaded. Choose the product with date as far as Possible.
  • Check packaging, which is in optimal condition, not immersed, damaged or Beaten. Neither with broken or discarded labels.
  • That the gasket is not inflated (blown), because this indicates that the product is already decomposing.
  • Buy the product at the end of the market, so that the cold chain is not interrupted.


the milk cream is used in both confectionery and savoury dishes. -as a dressing for fruit salads, desserts and ice Cream. -like dressings for vegetables, creams (soups) and meats, among Others.

Milk cream storage:

It is conserved refrigerated between approximately 2-6 degrees Celsius (top of the refrigerator). Never leave canned foods open in the refrigerator

Glass containers

in the refrigerator keep dairy products away from meat, fish, vegetables and fruits, to avoid ” Cross-contamination “.


-refrigerated, approximately 15 days and depending on the expiration or expiration date of the product and its storage and maintenance.

-at the expiration or expiration date of the product, the time may be approximate, as carelessly leaving the product out of the refrigerator may last less. Just as there are times that lasts longer depending on the manipulation and the little interruption in the “cold chain” that has had this.

Preservation of milk cream:



10-15 days approx. Bal Date. Approx. Tips:-if the butter is finished and you have cream of milk, beat it vigorously, add a little salt and you will have a delicious butter! -its duration also depends on the time that is on the date (approximate) of expiration or expiration of the Product.


Although as there are times that the date has not expired, and it can happen that the container blew and the product was damaged and you have to discard it, it can happen, that other times the date is already expired and the product continues in good condition for a while.

Nutrients and properties:

(see Nutrients in dairy).


-keep Refrigerated. Do not freeze as it changes its texture and flavor. remember that the useful life of the product depends on the freshness at the time of its purchase and its subsequent storage and Conservation. -periodically check the condition of the product in order to be able to consume it in time.

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