How to keep mascarpone cheese

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MASCARPONE cheese, fresh cheese. It is a cheese from the north of Italy that is obtained from the cream of the milk to which is added a culture of bacteria and warms up gently until thickened. Its elaboration is very similar to that of yogurt.


When you go to buy the MASCARPONE cheese to the supermarket you should take into account,

  • Observe that the refrigerator where the product is being exhibited is operating properly (which is cooling).
  • Observe the expiration date of the product or its expiration time, which is not covered, altered, or Retreaded.
  •  Choose the product with date as far as Possible.
  • Check packaging, which is in optimal condition, not immersed, damaged or Beaten. Neither with broken or discarded labels.
  • Check that the gasket is not inflated (blown), because this indicates that the product is already decomposing.
  • Buy the product, at the end of the market, so that the “cold chain” is not interrupted.


It is used to prepare tiramisu, a typical Italian dessert and for countless preparations in Italian cuisine.

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MASCARPONE Cheese Storage: 

  It must be kept refrigerated. The Mascarpone is very delicate to be consumed fresh because it ferments quickly. Its refrigerated duration, 6-8 days or with the expiration or expiration date in mind. If it has not been uncovered it may last a little longer than the expiration date. It must be remembered that the “useful life” time of the product depends on its freshness at the time of purchase and its subsequent storage and conservation.




6-8 days approx.

Nutrients and properties: 

See Cheese


Keep well covered and refrigerated. It must be remembered that the useful life of the product depends on the freshness at the time of its purchase and its subsequent storage and conservation. Periodically check the status of the product to be able to consume it in time.

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