The koumiss, is a dairy product, obtained by fermenting cow’s milk. It is found in several presentations such as: plastic bag, carafe, tetra-pack and individual presentation.


When you go to buy the product to the supermarket you should take into account,

  • Observe that the refrigerator where the product is being exhibited is operating properly (which is cooling).
  • Check the expiration date of the product or expiration of it, which is not covered, altered, or shelf. Choose the product with the furthest possible date.
  • Check the packaging, which is in optimal condition, not immersed, damaged or beaten. Neither with broken or discarded labels.
  • That the gasket is not inflated (blown) because it indicates that the product is not suitable for consumption.
  • Buy the Kumis at the end of the market, so that it is the shortest possible time without refrigeration and not interrupt “the cold chain” of the product.


Alone or accompanied by a delicious snack of salt or sweet, for the “average nines” and confectionery in general.


The koumiss must be kept refrigerated. Its duration depends on the freshness of the purchase and the time on the expiration date of the product.

Although there are times when the date has not expired, and it may happen that the container was puffed and the product was damaged and must be disposed of.

It may happen, at other times that the date is already expired and the product continues to be in good condition for a while.




Approximate expiration date.


For storage in the fridge of the kumis in pouch, after opening it, put it in its opening so that it does not spill if it turns, a plastic clip of which they sell to close bags in the kitchen, is practical and avoids wildfires.

-The time that is in the expiration date or expiration of the product is approximate, because as well as there are times that the date has not expired, and it can happen that the container was blew and the product was damaged and must be disposed, also can happen , that other times the date is already expired and the product is still in good condition for a while and can be exploited.

Nutrients and properties:

The koumiss is a dairy product made from fermented milk. Milk ferments are probiotic foods, i.e. they contain beneficial microorganisms, which multiply and remain in the intestine, helping the intestinal flora to eliminate toxins and digest food.

They provide vitamins, proteins and minerals in considerable quantities.

-Improve the absorption of nutrients in the organism.

-Reduce the risk of disease in the colon, including cancer. -their fats and salts contribute to the growth of children and adolescents and strengthens the bone system in children and adults. (See nutrients in dairy).


-Keep out of the refrigerator for as little time as possible.

-if the product has been purchased in a family container (not personal), never drink directly from it, but serve in a glass. this, to not contaminate it with saliva, because it contains an enzyme “ptialina”, which degrades food, damaging the container. -serve and Consume Immediately.

-periodically check the condition of the product in order to be able to consume it in time.