Leek Storage.Refrigerate in plastic bag with kitchen absorbent paper (dry) inside or without bag

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Cabbage Purchase: It is a vegetable that is classified within the green cabbages but there is also red cabbage and is called "cabbage". Cabbage freshness: It is observed in the…

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Celery freshness: It is seen in its stems and erect leaves, which when folded down do not yield. Inten se green Color, not pale green or dark spots or bumps. When you go to buy the product in the supermarket, we recommend:

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Cauliflower storage: -The raw and whole cauliflower is stored in the refrigerator in the lower part of the refrigerator

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Bighead Onion

Bighead Onion Freshness: It is observed in its firm texture not soft, should not have roots. Whether white or purple, it is advisable to be slightly flattened on the tips, as the elongated are harder and less flavor and aroma.

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Freshness of the Purslane: It can be seen in the firmness and in the intense color of its leaves. When you go to buy the product in the supermarket, we recommend:

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Pumpkin Freshness: If you buyportioned, it shows in its firm texture, smooth crust, in good condition, without fungi, bruises, or soft parts. Orange pulp, no fungus or darker, moister parts.

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Racacha Storage: It can be refrigerated without packing in the "vegetable drawer" in the refrigerator or with a perforated bag in the lower and front of the refrigerator. It can also be frozen after cooking (for soups). or frozen raw peeled and porcionada (soups and purées).

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Storage of Chard: The chard is stored in the refrigerator, inside a plastic bag with perforations and absorbent paper of dry kitchen inside. Prepare as fresh as possible, as its "useful life" is short.

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Chinese roots

Purchase: The Chinese roots or germinated soy seeds, to buy them look very well that are in very good condition. Freshness: It is observed in its firm texture, white color…

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