The basil is a fresh aromatic herb, widely used in the world gastronomy, especially in the Italian.


When you take the bunch of basil, look that their stems and leaves are erect. Intense green Color, without any withered leaf, coffee or viscose. Delicious smell, fresh and aromatic, not rotten. It is also located in the dry market and stored at room temperature. (see spices). When you go to buy the product in the supermarket, we recommend:

  • Observe that the display site is clean and adequately refrigerated.
  • Choose the products, preferably in this order: vegetables, fruits, eggs, cheeses and dairy in general, after the products of pantry, but before the meats, poultry, fish and shellfish.
  • When you reach your destination refrigerate, so that the “cold chain” of the same is not interrupted.


For pasta, salads, sauces and infusion, among others.


  • Remove longer stems and roots (if any).
  • Clean dirt and remove any yellow, brown or black (rotten) leaves if you have them.
  • Wrap herbs in absorbent paper towel for kitchen (dry).
  • Store the herbs in a container preferably plastic and with a lid, not glass because it retains more moisture and rots the herbs easily. Don’t be too tight.
  • This herb can be chopped fresh and put to dry on a dry paper absorbent kitchen. After it is completely dry, pack and store at room temperature.
  • Its duration also depends on its freshness at the time of the purchase.
  • The cool refrigerate in a place of the refrigerator not so cold (door).


Refrigerate food.


Approximately 10 days.


When using fresh herbs, check the remaining in the container to remove leaves in poor condition and dry excess water in the lid. Note:

  • Do not place in a container with water because it is quickly damaged by not having the rotation in the supermarket.
  • Be checking the herbs to remove leaves in poor condition and be able to consume them in time.
  • Do not freeze.