Purchase: The pheasant is very colorful plumage. There are several kinds of pheasants: gold, silver, real and common. The latter, his flesh is not so fine, but if he is…

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Purchase: As PARTRIDGE, the adult animal is known. Chicken less than one year is the PELLET. This one is finer and an excellent delicacy. Adult poultry meat is less appreciated…

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Purchase: The best PIGEONs and pigeons, are the fresh ones out of the nest. Weigh between 300-400 gr. Your liver has no gall, for this reason you can leave it…

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Purchase: GUINEA Fowl is originally from Africa. It abounds in Guinea in a wild state. Introduced in Europe by the Romans. It is easily bred like any poultry. Freshness: His…

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Purchase: The GOOSE or tender GOOSE is about 8 months and a weight of 4-5 kilos. If you are older your meat is hard. It is specially bred for the…

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POULARDE Freshness: It is appreciated in the firmness of its flesh, pleasant odour. That its color is not greyish. When you go to buy the product to the supermarket you should take into account,

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BIRDS 1. Turkey. 2. Goose. 3. Barbary Duck. 4. Guinea Fowl. 5. Blue Duck. 6. Coquelet or chick. 7. Quail. 8. Partridge. 9. Pigeon. 10. Pheasant. 11. Chicken. 12. Aylesbury…

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Frozen (whole with skin, without viscera, is less perishable than by pieces or channels.  If you're not going to consume it soon

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