Seafood Purchase: A SEAFOOD, it is an invertebrate edible marine animal like crustaceans (shrimps, prawns, crabs, lobster, crab, etc.) molluscs of soft body with or without shell (mussels, clams, octopuses,…

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Purchase: MUSSELs are clam-like molluscs, although they are larger in size. His flesh is red or white. The vast majority that are in the trade are canned, it is very…

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The most advisable are the frozen ones, due to the guarantee that the "cold chain" has not been interrupted and they have been protected from dust and excessive manipulation. The best are the bulk packs i.e. in small packets of 1-2 pounds.

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Purchase of crustaceans: Crustaceans have their body covered by a shell that protects it. This shell will change as the animal grows. They are all from sea except the river…

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Purchase: They are the only batrachians edible, for this reason they are classified inside the shellfish. The only part that takes advantage of are the hind legs "frog legs" that…

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Purchase: The SEA CRAB is abundantly located on the coasts of California, in Europe and in the Mexican Gulf. It is a small, short-bodied crustacean with ten legs (fleshy according…

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Purchase: SCALLOPs and SMALL SCALLOPS are bivalve molluscs, related to oysters and clams. Its meat is highly coveted for its delicious taste and finesse. The first one is larger in…

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Purchase: The CRAYFISH, it's a kind of shrimp. The meat that is used is that of the tail, which has a pleasant taste. Their preparations may be, whichever is used…

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Fresh Shrimp Pre-cooked shrimp Purchase: The SHRIMP, is found in all the seas and is the smallest of the crustaceans although the so-called prawns are bigger and much appreciated. Fresh…

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Purchase: The OYSTERs occupy a highest place within the shellfish and a fine entrance. There are two categories: Portuguese, irregular shell and flattened or smooth. Of the latter there are…

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