SARDINEs in canned or concerva, are usually made in a medium of vegetable oil or in one acid (marinade). There are also some packages to the natural (in its own juice). The sardine is rich in omega 3 and calcium.

In glass.

Observe expiration date or expiration time and choose the most distant date.

Check that both the label and the packaging are not broken and that the lid is not blown because it shows that it has been opened, or that its contents are damaged.

If it’s canned,

When you go to buy a canned food you should consider.

That is not covered, adulterated, or blurred. Choose the product with the most distant date to its fulfillment.

  • That the can is in perfect condition, without blows, plunged and much less inflated, because this means that its content is decomposing.
  • That your additional labels and gaskets are without wrinkles or waste, because this shows the degree of manipulation and the treatment they have given the product.


As an appetizer, as a filling or as a snack. They come in tomato sauce, chutneys and lemon.


If canned, store on shelf at room temperature in cool, dry place, bearing in mind the expiration date.

If it is uncovered, place in container with lid refrigerate and consume soon. Canned and non-uncovered glass canned foods are stored at room temperature. Refrigerate after uncovering.

Those that are in plastic or vacuum packing, refrigerate, or follow instructions printed on the gasket.

Its duration, preserved without uncovering, at room temperature and in a dry and fresh place, until the expiration date is fulfilled.

Can be uncovered, remove from the can a container with lid if not to spend all the contents and refrigerate for 4 days max. In the coldest place in the fridge.


Cool.      Temp. Environment.


4 days approx.    Bal Date. Approx.

Note: Never refrigerate in the can.

Canned foods are stored and kept at room temperature when they have not been uncovered. When uncovered if they are not consumed in its entirety, empty the surplus into a container with a lid preferably glass, to preserve its flavor and refrigerate.

Fish or any other food should be handled with clean hands and utensils.

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