CANNed MUSSELs are clam-like mollusks, although they are larger IN size. His flesh is red or white.

The vast majority that are in the trade are canned, it is very difficult to get them fresh.

Shellfish are more delicate than fish, for this reason you have to take special care when buying them.

Freshness: When you go to buy canned or packaged you have to keep in mind,

  • Observe the date of expiration, expiration or expiration of the product.

That is not covered, adulterated, or blurred. Choose the product with the most distant date to its fulfillment.

  • Look at the product specifications very well.
  • That the can or container is in perfect condition, without blows, plunged and much less inflated, because this means that its content is in decay.
  • That your additional labels and gaskets are without wrinkles or waste, because this shows the degree of manipulation and the treatment they have given the product.
  • If it is glass, plastic or carton (Tetra pack), it is in perfect condition, without breakages or breakdowns.


They come in a wide variety of sauces, in marinade, or in olive oil. For canapés or as a doorway. For rice and stews.


Canners and Canners in general, if not opened, are stored on shelves (pantry) at room temperature in cool, dry place.

When they are uncovered, refrigerate in a container with a lid if they are canned, and if they are packaged in glass or plastic, they can be kept in their own packaging.

Its duration at room temperature, up to the expiration date approximately. And refrigerated for approximately 3 days.


Cool.      Temp. Environment.


3 days approx.  Date of Bal. Approx.

Note: Always handle shellfish or any food, with clean hands and clean utensils.

Periodically check the status of the product and its expiration date to consume it on time. That your packaging has not been blown.

Do not refrigerate in the can.