Food Conservation In addition to knowing how to buy, it is vital to know how to conserve the food we take home, to prevent them from breaking down, and that…

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Rabbit meat storage: The RABBIT when you get home refrigerate or freeze immediately as the case maybe. Wash the meat quickly, marinate (season with liquor) and ripen in cold for 2 days to make it tender and soft.

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Liver Conservation

The liver when you get home should be refrigerated immediately. For hygiene, sanitati on and to avoid contamination and possible intoxications, hands should be thoroughly washed and/or gloves placed before beginning to handle meat.

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Goat Meat

The Goat Meat is pink but lean (fat-free). Freshness Goat Meat: Firm meat and Rosy. Whether it's a young or old animal, its flesh has an unpleasant taste (musk). For this…

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How to buy the VISCELLES: It is mainly observed in its fresh smell, not almiscloso or rancid. Firm texture, not undone. Characteristic color of each piece and without spots (dark or light), except in the beef tongue, if it comes with skin.

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Capybara MEAT

Purchase: The capybara, is the largest rodent in the world. Originally from South America. Can measure up to 1.30 m. Long, has no tail and can reach weighing up to…

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Frozen Products

Frozen Products Nutritional properties of frozen products. The freezing process affects very little the nutritional value of food. Currently in the frozen products market, the ultrafreezing technique is used, which…

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Pig Pork

[kkstarratings] The Pig Pork is one of the dishes for these more traditional festivals in Colombia, along with Turkey, AJIACO or tamales. It is served as main dish and with garnishes like…

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COLOMBIA 1- Cogote and Morrillo. 2- Needle spine. 3- Wide loin or flat. 4- Hip. 5- Tip of anca. 6- Internal pallet 7- Paletero. 8- Arm loin. 9- Arm ball.…

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Purchase. The SAUSAGES, are the result of the efforts in the history of the humanity, to conserve the foods, the greater possible time, extending like this its "useful life". They…

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