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WILD BOAR is a big game animal (hair). The Jabato is the animal less than one year.


Its flesh is less reddish than that of the wild boar. It is very similar to pork, although a little insipid, for this reason should be seasoned very well.

The best pieces are the legs, Lomitos and carré (rib boneless or loin wide).


The meat of first category, are the Perniles, loin, carré (rib boneless, loin wide), Baron (the two hind legs and the Chair), Chair (hip), which are prepared roasted.

Second-class meat are the shoulder (shoulder), chest and neck, which are used to prepare stews and onions. Before you prepare them, they should be marinated or marinated with a mixture of wine, vinegar, carrots and onions, to enternecer the meat and soften its flavor.

It can be prepared as pork meat in hams.

The meat of old animals, is unappetizing. It should be marinated to soften its flavor and texture is more tender.


All game animal meat should be kept in portable refrigerators while you reach your final destination.  It is washed, marinated and put to ripen in cold for two days so that it becomes tender and soft. Then it freezes the one that will not be consumed soon.

Its refrigerated duration, 2 days. Frozen, approximately 2 months and depending on the amount of fat it contains.


Freeze.   Cool.


 2 months approx. 2 days approx.

Note: Danger!

It is vitally important to have information about the dangers of game meat when using lead-based munitions because of the risk of contamination of the meat as it enters into contact.

It should be known about lead, that being a metal that consumes the human, decreases the IQ and cognitive development (lower capacity of the brain to process information). This disease is known by the names of “plumbism,” or “Saturninismo”, because the alchemists called this element, Saturn.

Children under the age of 6, pregnant women or who are trying to have children, cannot eat meat from animals hunted with lead ammunition because it is even more toxic to forming and developing brains than in mature brains.

It is therefore necessary to take precautions, with the meat hunted with this type of ammunition, even for people who are not within the aforementioned parameters. Cut and discard the piece of meat that is damaged by the ammunition and the area around the visible wound.