The HUNT includes all the animals that live freely in the field. Before cooking the game pieces, they should be hung for some time so that the meat softens and acquires that characteristic flavor that they like so much ("faisander", in culinary terms). The weather depends on the climate (it is lower in humid and warm weather) and personal taste. The feather hunt is hung by the beak, in a cool and airy place, without plucking and without viscera. They are ready when the tail feathers are easily released. The hunting of hair, clean of viscera, hangs by the legs several days. The taste depends on the region where they live and the food they consume.


Rabbit meat storage:The RABBIT when you get home refrigerate or freeze immediately as the case maybe. Wash the meat quickly, marinate (season with liquor) and ripen in cold for 2 days to make it tender and soft.

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REINDEER and CARIBOU, are big game animals (hair).  They're a variety of deer. The latter is the best known. Freshness: Your meat is top quality. It can replace beef. If…



Purchase: The most common are: The WILD DUCK, known as "Common Mallard". The TEAL, which is smaller than the wild duck. To remove the strong taste of moisture, the thin…

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WILD BOAR is a big game animal (hair). The Jabato is the animal less than one year. Freshness: Its flesh is less reddish than that of the wild boar. It…

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The GAMO and CHAMOIs are big game animals. Freshness: As the deer his flesh is fine, delicate and excellent. Uses: The meat of first category, are the Perniles, loin, carré…

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The DEER, it's a fur-hunting animal. The female is called a servant, the male who only reaches 1 year of life is known as Cervato. Freshness: The Cervato is one…

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The ROE DEER is a big-haired game animal. Animals between 1 and 3 years provide the best meat, because the more years it becomes harder. His age is known by…

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Purchase: The pheasant is very colorful plumage. There are several kinds of pheasants: gold, silver, real and common. The latter, his flesh is not so fine, but if he is…

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The common quail is a small bird, which tends to measure between 16 to 20 centimeters, and has a characteristic plumage brownish-brown, which is darker on the back, to become…

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Purchase: As PARTRIDGE, the adult animal is known. Chicken less than one year is the PELLET. This one is finer and an excellent delicacy. Adult poultry meat is less appreciated…

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