Coconut freshness: It shows when it's full, in the amount of water it has inside. When you shake it, the more water it sounds, the more tender and fresh it is.

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Pomegranate Storage: If they are to be consumed soon, at room temperature they are kept several days, otherwise refrigerate already ripe and last weeks. You can also freeze your fruits.

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Frozen Products

Frozen Products Nutritional properties of frozen products. The freezing process affects very little the nutritional value of food. Currently in the frozen products market, the ultrafreezing technique is used, which…

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Purchase: Mangosteen is a tropical tree native to Indonesia. Freshness: We know that Mangosteen is ripe, when its skin is reddish purple and soft textured and easy to open. Citric…

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Dragon Fruit

Yellow  Dragon Fruit Pink Dragon Fruit  Purchase: The PITAHAYA or Dragon Fruit, is known as a succulent cactus. Originally from Mexico. Freshness: It shows on its tips that they must be hydrated…

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Purchase: The plum is a drupa (fleshy fruit with a woody seed). It's the fruit of the plum. There is a wide variety of plums of different colors of skin…

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Purchase: The pear, (rosacea). It is the edible fruit of the common pear tree. There are various classes and so their texture, flavor and color. Freshness: It is seen in…

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Yellow sliced pears with green leaf isolated on white background


Purchase: Grapefruit is a citrus fruit, bigger than orange. There are of different kinds and thus colors. Freshness: When ripe, the shell must yield to the soft pressure of the…

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Purchase: Tangerine is a tropical citrus fruit. Freshness: The sweetest are not always those of thick and loose shells. There are also sweets of peel glued, thin, green or yellow.…

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