TUNA, it’s a saltwater fish. Large size, weighs between 150 to 700 kg. It is mainly found in the Mediterranean.


Its flesh is reddish-rolled, difficult to digest but very nutritious and delicious.

Its presentations on the market: fresh, refrigerated and frozen. In canned or with vegetables (canned or packaged) in oil or in water. (See canned tuna).

The fish must be bought at the end of the market, so that the “cold chain” of the product is not interrupted and when it reaches its final destination, place it immediately in the refrigerator, either to freeze or to refrigerate if it is going to consume maximum the other day.


Fresh, it can be prepared to the frying pan, in sauce or fried.


Fresh and frozen, about 4 months. To defrost, move it from the freezer to the refrigerator in time for the process to take place.

It is necessary to keep in mind the avoidance of “cross contamination”, that is to say, when storing a cooked steak should not be near one crude.

Fish or any other meat should be moved from the freezer to the refrigerator to be thawed, never thawed at room temperature.

Fresh refrigerated and seasoned, 2 days max.

Its duration also depends on its expiration date (see packaging) and its proper storage and handling with clean utensils and hands.

When defrosting, move to the refrigerator. Never defrost at room temperature. Once thawed, do not re-freeze, because microorganisms are activated and can become harmful to health.


Freeze.       Cool.


 4 months approx.  2 days approx.

Note: Fish or other food should be handled with clean hands and utensils.