Purchase: Beet is a red-rooted vegetable (red wine) and a spinning top. Freshness: It is observed in the firmness to the touch, characteristic color of its red wine shell with…

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Crisp Lettuce

crisp lettuce Purchase of crisp lettuce: crisp lettuce is a very curly leaf, with a deep green color. Freshness of crisp lettuce: It can be observed in the intensity of…

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Purchase: The SARDINE, sea fish or saltwater. Small, blue, or fatty (it has 10% omega-3 fat) that helps lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels and is rich in protein. Freshness: This…

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Matured Cheeses

 Purchase: Cured cheeses are not preserved well, so you must buy the amount that will be consumed quickly. These cheeses are wrapped in aluminum or wax paper and in cardboard…

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Purchase: MASCARPONE cheese, fresh cheese. It is a cheese from the north of Italy that is obtained from the cream of the milk to which is added a culture of…

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Feta Cheese

Purchase: FETA, is a fresh cheese made from whole goat's milk and pasteurized.  of soft pasta and fat. White. Made in Argentina with similarity to feta cheese of Greek origin.…

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Garlic Purchase: There are several kinds of garlic: white, purple and Japanese, among others. Freshness: They are known in that they are tight and firm textured to the touch. That…

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Purchase: HAKE is a saltwater fish. Purchase: The HAKE, its meat is very delicious and is prepared with different sauces or grilled. It can be kept easily. Freshness: It is…

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Purchase: The SOLE, is a fish of saltwater and of the finest. Of white meat, firm and of excellent taste. Freshness: It is seen in its firm texture, either whole…

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Purchase: The CARP, it's a freshwater fish. There is a pond and a river, it is much better than Rio. It's originally from Asia. In the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland,…

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Filete de Carpa